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So, Skyrim!

Jokingly, Doug and I have started referring to this beast as the third person in our marriage. 

And I'm not sure why.... 

See, ok, it's good. There's nothing wrong with it, it's a decent game. 
I love the magic system - I love the look of the magic especially. Elder Scrolls has always been my one game where I really enjoy playing specifically mages*, and Skyrim is no different. I am loving my Breton with lightning in one hand and healery in the other. I cast like I'm in Saturday Night Fever. Hell yes. 

But the thing is, apart from the dragons, this is just like any other Elder Scrolls game. 
I have found myself impulsively stealing books and collecting Nirnroot and spending hours trying to find the one guy who can sell me a fricking bedroom only for some reason he doesn't have it any more, what the hell game? 
And I still can't climb the frelling** mountains, and spend hours looking for the sodding way to the top.
And I spend hours trying to find the sodding dungeon doorway or the way back out, or the way back in after I've lugged all my loot back to the shop and can now finish clearing out the rest of the dungeon... 

And through all of this I'm watching How I Met Your Mother *** and vaguely wondering why I care about these characters, or even if I care about them, with the possible exception of Lydia, my Housecarl, who is the most useless creature imagineable and who I hate with a fiery passion. So much that I'm leaving her at home. Housecarl? She's been demoted to housekeeper. This is mainly because I haven't figured out how to give her stuff so's I can make her my packhorse, so I don't have to do quite so many frelling runs back to the shops to unload my loot. 

God damn it, this is an annoyingly addictive game, and I don't know why, because it's no frelling different from any of the other Elder Scrolls games, apart from the fact that it is marginally prettier and I like the magic. So WHY CAN'T I STOP PLAYING IT???

Oh, also, Happy Christmas everyone!****

And New Year!

And all that Jazz!

*Oh, and also DA:O - but then I love everything in DA:O
**Yes I said "frelling", get over it.
***Which is Awesome, btw
****and/or whichever winterval festival you care to celebrate!


Mar. 25th, 2011 09:39 pm
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I've just started watching Silk on the BBC - well, on i-player, like I watch just about everything these days, because our set-top-box is busted (and has been since Christmas) and I've not got round to getting it replaced yet.

And I'm actually rather impressed so far. I'm only 2 episodes in, but what I've seen is encouraging. It's very feminist in some senses - at least in the sense that it portrays just how subtly (and not-so-subtly) the odds are stacked against women in the legal profession (just as they are in all professions), and the kind of rough deals they get lumbered with. It's a drama series, so they don't get everything right, because they're following a story*, but so far they've managed to deal sympathetically and sensitively with issues of sexism, abortion and rape. Not perfectly, you understand, but issues were brought up, and handled without the usual cack-handedness. One or two statements, I still feel, should not have gone un-challenged or uncritically appraised, and there were a few moments when I thought "oh shit, they're going to drop the ball on this" - but the ball turned out to be a bombshell, and it worked
Personally, I think that some anvils need dropping, and they didn't quite do that, but all in all, it's worth a look, and I may well buy a copy of the DvD for my best mate (who happens to be a barrister) for her birthday...

Oh, and it's got Maxine Peak and Rupert Penry-Jones in it - always plus points :)

*example - one of the trials in the first episode should have been liable for a miss-trial or similar because the barrister brought up the defendant's previous... oops... 


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