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So Oddessy!
That was remarkably awesome - even if I can't walk much today... 

Up Carthage!

• The costume standards and the overall look of the event was fabulous. The levels of immersion in places like the arena were pretty good as well, partially because of said awesome costume, and the lack of needing to call damage.
• The absolute lack of faff. No long lines for character packs or ref questions – even the philosophy was perpetrated remarkably smoothly and quickly. Huzzah to all the refs/crew/god persons!
• The Aynukmelita! Absolutely awesome, all of you, but special mention to my fellow Physicians, and Zabi, bringer of good things.
• Speaking of which – the watermelon of hydration, baklava, shisha, Fangria/Sungria and other yummy things that were provided. It’s great being a Carthaginian!
• Even if everyone hates you. Being stretched so thinly, and suffering the Death of 1000 Cuts from the combined forces of Rome and Egypt, whilst IC was hell and bastardry, OOC meant we had plenty to do, and really upped the ante for the arena game, and the strategising.
• Even if the gods hate you – being their bitch does create a whole lot of plot.
• Hence the moment on the Quest of Epic Fail / the Quest of We’re Definitely Dead Now – thank you Eshmun... when I was mentally going through what I would have to say if we got horribly captured, and how I could weasel my way out of it...
• The moment after said quest, when I had a strop after losing a patient and got given a good talking to from about half of Carthage telling me to buck up.
• Being a physician is awesome. I really love the alternative ways of fixing people, rather than stitching them up. My alchemy set was great fun to play with!
• And I was a jammy, jammy git with bead draws. After treating most of Carthage (many of them multiple times!) only getting 2 red beads, and no black. I think I shall have to make it my mission to become known as the best healer in Carthage.
• The perpetration of Philosophy was actually great fun – I love the mixing of potions! Plus the moment when a ref pointed out that the marking on the back of some of my quint tokens actually meant that one was worth 5... So... much... quint! *evil laugh*
• Friday night’s blood-bath... and no I don’t mean in the arena, I mean being requested to deliver the Lioness’ baby. Also the desperate attempt to remain calm and not panic when informed that said child was unlikely to be quite normal...
• The cthulu-child phys-rep was amazing and awesome though!
• Aggressively bowing to the Egyptians
• Semi-naked Greek/Carthaginian wrestlers. And being requested to stop for the moment, please, because the Pharaoh’s appearing immediately behind you and it wouldn’t be appropriate...
• The Shah who wished to do 1000 impossible things – that is such an awesome concept, and I hope [ profile] dbsurfeit is having as much fun as he looks like he is!
• The massive battle between Greece and Persia over Babylon on the Sunday. That. Was. Epic!
• Overall, the cohesion of the event. It felt like a big game with 5 teams, and everyone was involved and doing things, and everyone working towards this one goal – that of bringing about their team’s victory. It was a really different feel to any other larp I’ve played, and that was great.

Down with Rome!

• The Rain and mud. Fuck you, Dagon, that stuff’s unpleasant.
• And then the Sun. Baal, you can die in a fire too.
(Come to Atlantis, they said, Lovely weather, they said...)
• Sunburn – on my face, which I should have been more careful about, and my scalp, which I don’t think there was much I could have done about – except for getting my hands on a headscarf sooner.
• Accidentally standing on a still-glowing cigarette end in bare feet... Though on the plus side, I did get an ice-pack from first aid, which was wonderful.
• Not having the full philosopher’s brief – and indeed not knowing it even existed before the Saturday night – which I assume must be due to late booking.
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