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Oh my God, that was AWESOME.


I’ve just got back from Knifewinter, and that was, and I have to say this, THE best time I have ever had at an event Larp EVER.  And not an inappropriate lol-furry in sight. Major Kudos have to go to the ref team for running such a great show (I wouldn’t have noticed that they were first-time refs if they hadn’t said, it was so well run) and for being awesome and confident enough to say “Yeah, that sounds cool – let’s run with that!”, and the Crew, especially the Knife Dancers – you guys rocked.

I also have to say, it was really refreshing not playing another political character. Nor a trader or crafter or anyone with anything to worry about much. Which meant I could just hang out and be all mystical, then get into fights, which was a really nice change. I really felt happy to throw myself into this one, and I also didn’t find myself knackered on the Saturday and dying for time-out, so that’s another plus. It was a really well-paced event overall, I feel, and I’m already looking forward to what they come up with for event 2!

The Highs:

·         Drumming Bunny, leading to Stoaty Drumming and the invention of Stoatish Tribal Stomp-Dancing. Hammering on a table has never been so fun.

·         “Cultural Misunderstanding” and the “metaphysical stick” becoming part of the lexicon

·         Our adopted hedgehog :) - I have a feeling that this DT is going to be very much like a wild-woods version of the film Almost Famous for her...

·         Stoaty Drinking Game!

·         My runes – which I’d thought would just be fun fluff – turning into a bit of very cool crunch, and some great role-play. All thanks to the super-cool refs :)

·         The level of acceptance from the rest of the PCs – I was totally expecting we’d all get ganked on the Friday night, but by Saturday night, not only were we not all dead, but I think I actually heard someone talking about “our” stoats (as opposed to the KDs)...

·         ... mostly because of how we put our lives on the line, and all got the shit kicked out of us by foxes. Which I have to say was good fun, despite getting dumped on my arse in the muddiest part of the field PDQ, – the first night combat that hasn’t had me scared shitless, and I think the first time I’ve been actively in a proper melee. Plus the Volkoi chalked up one (and a half, according to Kostya) fox kill.

·         Good food, and plenty of it.

·         Finding a rabbit playing scrabble with a set of runes.

·         Stealing people’s hats, then selling them back to them.

·         Mislav breaking the car.

·         “Crunchy Bones” and “Snacky meat” – the stoats just have some awesome props.

·         The number of people who came up to us ooc saying “If my character dies, I’m coming back as a stoat” or even better, “if my character dies, can I come back as a Volkoi?”* We’re obviously doing something right :)


The Lows:

·         Not getting to use the Totem, or have the promised Stoat party round the fire-pit because of the weather.

·         The rain in general was a pain.

·         Boots rubbing :(

·         Being very cold on Friday night, and consequently not sleeping well – next time I will be booking uber early in order to try and get a bunk. Big thank-you to the refs/crew people who let me use one of the spares on Saturday night – slept sooo much better and avoided my back seizing up.

·         Gregor running off on his own a little too much for the tribe’s comfort... Something tells me we’re all going to take a little bit of time to settle into our respective roles.

·         Discovering foxes were rather harder than we thought.

·         Getting confused (names-wise) between Mislav and Metsuki, and ending up with strange combinations and variations in my head, like "Matislav"

·         Not used to wearing a mask.

·         We didn’t get to kill and eat anyone :( Ah well, always next time! :)


*the answer is “yes”, but please talk to us before you create your concept

Stoat Meme

Feb. 27th, 2010 01:18 am
sesquepadalia: (Rani OOC)
Name? Shaman Rani, of the Volkoi

Boy or girl? Female.

How old are you? As old as my tongue, and a little older than my very sharp and pointy teeth.

What do you think your life expectancy is?
Until the next Shaman is ready to take my place.

What's your height? Slightly taller than my staff.

What do you do?
Conduct the rites and rituals of the tribe.

What are your favourite colours?
White. And red. I just like it...

What's your favourite food? Brain. And sweetmeats.

...and from among the People?
Mole. It has a taste not unlike veal.

Have you killed anyone? Conducting proper funeral rites are part of my job. Sometimes they aren't quite dead when I start...

Ever listened to a Hedgehog lecture? Does screaming count? How about whimpering?
...and stayed awake?

Ever heard a Water-Rat song?
Snatches of them.

...and understood a word they were saying?
Never really caught enough to get it.

Ever felt threatened by a Badger? Not as often as they've felt threatened by me.

...ever been threatened by a badger?
I think it may have happened once...

Ever double-crossed a Weasel? No
...and does he or she know yet? It's not my fault if they don't understand me, now is it?

Ever given a Rabbit instructions?
I told one to stay out of the woods once. He didn't listen. Tasted good, though.

Interlude: "FOX!" Run or shoot? It runs. It still dies.

Do you hate anyone? If not, why not?
No one alive.

Have any secrets?
The Wild Wood has many mysteries. I know most of them, and I'm not telling you.

What do you do to relax?
I simply relax. Doing nothing is sometimes the hardest skill to learn.

What are you going to do now?
Is it dinner time yet?

When are you going to book for Winter in the Willows: The Knifewinter?


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