Nov. 25th, 2012 12:18 pm
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So, the question of PvP in Anticthon has been raised. I'm torn on the subject, and want to write a game that enough people will enjoy, so thought I might throw this open to the floor.

Points against PvP
  •  If your plot's good enough you shouldn't need it. 
  •  It often creates OC resentment and feuding between players. - Counterpoint: It's just a game, grow up
  •  Said feuding can spoil the game for others, even if it's just IC - I've had games (mostly tabletop though) where the plot got ignored for the sake of two characters constantly playing stupid pranks on each other. This got very boring very quickly.
  • It makes it hard to get the plot done when you can't trust the rest of the players
  • The player party's supposed to be The Heroes- Counterpoint: There were heroes on both sides of the Trojan War too...

Points in Favour of PvP
  • With PvM, often player success feels inevitable. There's no real challenge. And if it is a real challenge, players will bitch that it was unfair.
  • Personally I'd rather be killed by someone actually trying to kill me rather than accidental monster-to-the-face.
  • PvP =/= character death. There are many other fun ways to compete without actually losing a character, and that makes so much game.


My personal opinions are that death in LARP should be meaningful. People get invested in their characters, often spend a lot of time and money creating kit for them. Meaningless and random death is horrible and not something I want to encourage in any larps I run.
PvP grants the opportunity for the best and the worst kind of larp deaths. 
On the positive side, I've always held that assassination is the highest form of flattery. I don't like the thought of dying to a random monster-in-the-face, but if there's no PvP, the only threat comes from the chance of dying to RMITF. I remember just how much plot was created by Nefertiri's assassination, and it was fantastic. 
On the negative side, I also really hate the kind of cheap deaths that you saw so often at Maelstrom - muggings on the way to the loos, random murder in the dark, shiving people up for loot, etc. It pisses me off when death is that cheap.

I like the idea of FvF play - faction vs. faction, knives turned outwards. Much less bitchy. 

My current plan is to:

a) Create non-lethal opportunities for PvP.
b) Create IC consequences for lethal PvP.
c) Make PvP available, but not actively encouraged.
d) Give the players enough plot to keep them occupied so they don't just go on a killing spree.
e) Make most things reversible - albeit with a lot of effort - thus creating game.

This is all subject to change, but I want to open up the discussion. 


May. 14th, 2012 03:11 pm
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So, I've just failed my driving test again.

This would be test #4, by the way. 

The first two, I can kind of write off as "I wasn't ready, but my instructors put me in for them anyway, so no surprises there." 
The third, I genuinely thought I could pass, but made some stupid mistakes, and spent a lot of time beating myself up for them, which caused more mistakes, which caused me to fail it.


Well, the thing is, by now I really need to get my license. I mean, really need it. Not being allowed to drive is a serious pain in the ass.  I say "not being allowed" because the thing is, I can drive. I can drive absolutely fine when I'm not being judged on it. But when the pressure is on to pass - which it is, and always will be - my nerves get the better of me, and I start to fuck up. I'm getting a tiny, tiny amount of minors (4 and 5 on my last two tests respectively. Seriously. That's it. Driving instructors have to pass their test with less than 3.) but then something unexpected happens, and I'm too wound up to react properly, and I get a serious and it's all over.

Today, I failed on two really stupid things - 1. I'd pulled in, and was shifting forwards to get better positioning, and my indicator came off, so a car behind me had to slow down to see if I was pulling out again (which, come on, is that really a serious? I wasn't indicating *out* again, I thought it was clear what I was doing, ffs...) and 2. I was trying to manoeuvre around a bus at a stop, and moved over into the right hand side of the road without indicating (it was a wide road, but a single lane of traffic) and some stupid fucking taxi came storming down on the right hand side, and had to break behind me. I know I fucked up, and should have at least indicated that I was moving out, but fucking taxis... 

The thing is, number 2 at least, if not both of those faults, wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been so fucking nervous. They both happened within the first ten minutes or so of the test, when I hadn't had a chance to settle into things - not that I really do, but the point still stands. 

And I have no idea how to get over the panic, and I'm starting to wonder if this means I'll never be able to pass this bloody test. 
I have tried everything I can think of to calm down and relax - treat it like a normal driving lesson, don't panic, slow down, take it steady, breathe, etc - but it's not working. I'm seriously considering taking a fucking sedative before the next one, it's getting that silly.

The worst thing is that my instructor - Keith - who is brilliant, and the first person who actually *gets* me when I'm driving, and knows exactly how to get the best from me - is planning to move. And soon. I don't know how soon, exactly, but soon. So I may not have him for much longer. Which pretty much means starting from scratch again for me if I haven't passed my test by then. And I'm not sure I have the strength to do that again. I've already got the next test booked in, but I need, need, need, some way of controlling my nerves before I take it. Because 5 tests is already too many. 
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Ok, so I'm having a bit of a spring clean, and have various bits and pieces that I'm getting rid of. Perhaps you would like them instead?

As this is mostly a spring-cleaning initiative, I'm only wanting a pittance for most of these (plus postage), so make me an offer!

If of course, people decide to make me very shiny offers of monies, then I am thinking of using said monies to fund either getting Anticthon off the ground, or a filming project I have in mind by the name of Angel P.I. So if anyone specifically says "I will pay you lots of monies for this item, but only if you spend it on making Shiny Project come true," then that is what I will do! 

Please post here if you would like to reserve/buy an item - first come first served. You can also message me here, or via fb or email if you have my details.
I only post to the UK, most major forms of payment accepted.

Pics are Here: 

List of items Here:

Pair black goth/cyberpunk trousers, approx size 14, BNWT - Reserve price £25

Pair blue tie-dyed dungarees, size 14-16

Per Una black + grey striped jumper/ long top, size 16, BNWT

Black velvet, corset/bustier, small (size 8-10 maybe?). Slightly mucky but should clean up easily.

From Me To You bear pyjamas, ostensibly size 16 but slightly on the small side.

White tribal-patterned top, ¾ sleeves, should fit approx size 14.

Cream Top-Shop cardigan, size 12

Blue Top-Shop cardigan, size 14

Grey H&M cardigan, ¾ sleeves, size M – should fit approx size 12-14

Baby-blue M&S  ¾ sleeved top, size 10, but very stretchy.

M&S black leggings, size 16 long, BNWT

This is the first batch - there may be more; I tend to hoard a lot and it depends how much I eventually decide to part with. 
If no-one is interested, they'll be going to charity or on ebay, but friends get first refusal.
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Any ladies* who are job-hunting in the Oxfnord area might want to check this out...

It's for a Service Manager's post for Oxford Sexual Assault and Rape Crisis Centre, more details via the link.


(*They are only looking for female applicants)
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As some of you already know - ok, anyone who's been reading this blog will know - I just finished my first novel manuscript recently. 

So now I'm working on the sequel. And I need to do some location scouting. Specifically, I'm looking to make a trip up to Yorkshire - little place called Malham Cove, not far from Skipton. It's a gorgeous place (so I'm told) and all I'm planning is having a nice walk round, maybe take some pictures, do some sketching, the like.

Only, I don't fancy making the trip up on my own, especially since I don't have a car, so navigating the public transport might be... shall we say interesting? And not something I'd be comfortable doing solo. 

So, if anyone happens to have a car, or a rail-card and a good sense of direction, a sense of adventure, and some free time any point between the 23rd and the 27th this month, and fancies a quick jaunt up North, could you let me know?
I can pay petrol money, and if we're coming from a  long distance, my Gran lives fairly close by and would almost certainly be happy to put us up for the night if a stop-over is required, so no money is required - just time and a willingness to put up with me :)

Anyone game?
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Two quick adverts for y'all, 

Firstly, Y'know the diesel punk LARP Doug and I have been floating ideas for for a while now? It now has its own blog/LJ community! Please come along, see what you think, and offer opinions if you have any you want to share. There's not a lot up at the moment, but setting documents and other fun stuff will be turning up sooner or later, as will any news as to where we are in the planning stages of making this a reality. 

It can be found here... 

Secondly - and this one is mostly for Oxfnordites - I'm considering running a tabletop.
Setting: OWOD Mage
Concept: Umbral space pirates. Vaguely Atom punk, vaguely Fireflyesque, probably taking the piss out of Trek somewhat.
Characters: Tradition Mages - no restrictions, but run anything really off-the-wall past me first.
Tone: Lighthearted, pulpy adventure fun.
Place: Mine and Doug's as-yet-unnamed house
Time: TBC

Who would be interested? And when can you make?
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Ok, so as you may know my Mum's border collie bitch has just had a litter of pups, and Doug and I may be taking one of them off her hands.

However, I've just heard that two of the buyers we had lined up for other pups in the litter have fallen through, and we have two adorable little bundles of black and white fluff who still need homes to go to.

So if you, or anyone you know, might be interested in a pedigree sheepdog puppy, likely to be highly intelligent, of very good temperament and suitable either as a working dog or as a pet, please, please, please let me know.


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