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RIP to Neil Armstrong, the human race's most famous lunar explorer.

Prince Harry proves that Royalty have genitals after all, and don't reproduce by osmosis as was previously thought. He also manages to prove that he is a normal idiot. And I couldn't care less.

American politicians still trail far behind the rest of the world in elementary biology when it comes to the female body. Honestly, I am no longer surprised at the crap these misogynistic bile-mongers spew forth.

In more personal news;

I have spent a stupid amount of time driving across the country lately. I love my new car - Saiorse* - and I love driving, and I love the fact that I can get from Portsmouth to Newcastle on only a tiny bit over a full tank. I also have discovered that I really like tinkering. Even if it's just changing the oil or accidentally over-filling the engine coolant and having to flood it out, then soak up the excess with a rag and a stick. Grease on my fingers, oil on my face, happy completely chasing the pace, as Chris Rea once said.

Still no job on the horizon, but I'm throwing out applications every which way, and thinking about doing a PGCE.

Writing steadily, reading solidly - just devoured the latest Jasper Fforde in three days flat. 

Took part in a photo shoot at the weekend; dressed up as a Roman Elf (the underdress of which doubled nicely as a 1960's mini-dress, and we took a few silly shots of Mary Quant Elf too) got covered in make-up wounds by [ profile] blake17, and had a  very fun time.

Still having a pretty hard time of things, and the black dog is re-surfacing on occasion, but I am ever greatful to all family and friends who are propping me up through everything. Hopefully we'll keep the sucker leashed until things start looking up.

It's also my birthday in a few weeks time. 

It's been a hell of a year - in more ways than one. And I think I've grown up a lot more than one year would suggest. If my internet access remains constant, I'll probably do a birthday post nearer the time. 

Suffice to say I'm feeling old. 

Please send messages of youthful vitality, a new laptop with working wireless connection, a digital camera, one meeeeeelion pounds (tax free), or failing that, renditions of Thin Lizzy's The Boys are Back in Town to cheer me up.

*A three person joke, that one. 

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In true style of me - I've been meaning to post for days, but haven't been near a computer, and then the minute I am, my brain refuses to come up with anything interesting to say.

I've been busy, busy lately. 

The trip to Malham cove did not happen in the end; mostly because I ended up going to a friend's wedding the day before I was due to go there, and had an absolute whale of a time with all the Old Gang from Back in the Day, got slightly sloshed, and decided to lie in instead of getting up early to go to the middle of Yorkshire. 

I did however very much enjoy the Right Royal Piss Up (courtesy of [ profile] casparrrrgh and Co.) - even if no-one recognised who the fuck I was.

Prize if you can guess who the fuck I'm supposed to be... )

And the subsequent time spent up in Glasgow, where I had a chat with awesome persons about getting a tattoo... 

Then went back home for the aforementioned wedding, and to be berated by my mother, as is becoming disappointingly regular. 

This week, I shall be continuing with the driving lessons - at stupidly early hours :p - with the possibility at the end of it that my sister is getting rid of her Micra, and I may be able to buy it off her :D 
If it hasn't already got a name, I will be christening it (or re-christening it perhaps) Saiorse - which is probably a 2 person joke, but heck, it'll be my car :D
Just need to pass the bloody test...
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As some of you already know - ok, anyone who's been reading this blog will know - I just finished my first novel manuscript recently. 

So now I'm working on the sequel. And I need to do some location scouting. Specifically, I'm looking to make a trip up to Yorkshire - little place called Malham Cove, not far from Skipton. It's a gorgeous place (so I'm told) and all I'm planning is having a nice walk round, maybe take some pictures, do some sketching, the like.

Only, I don't fancy making the trip up on my own, especially since I don't have a car, so navigating the public transport might be... shall we say interesting? And not something I'd be comfortable doing solo. 

So, if anyone happens to have a car, or a rail-card and a good sense of direction, a sense of adventure, and some free time any point between the 23rd and the 27th this month, and fancies a quick jaunt up North, could you let me know?
I can pay petrol money, and if we're coming from a  long distance, my Gran lives fairly close by and would almost certainly be happy to put us up for the night if a stop-over is required, so no money is required - just time and a willingness to put up with me :)

Anyone game?
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So I'm back in Liverpuddle, and it's dull.

I am passing the time by thinking up ways to not-be-in Liverpool. So far :
I've visited Manchester to see how my Sis is settling in at uni,
I'm off to Coventry tomorrow - anyone who's in the area who'd like to see me, please give me a poke, because that could be made of awesome :)
I've utterly failed to organise a raiding party to pillage Northumberland (this will be done in the future though!)
And I'm at least trying to get out of my own headspace by doing various creative stuff, such as making costume for M&M / DuD / etc, failing to write, and reviewing stuff for the lovely [ profile] deboires .

Also, it's a palindromic date today!
And of course, you know, people born today are more likely to be great leaders or psychopaths... or Superheroes!

If you were a superhero, what would your super-power be?

(Answers on a comment-shaped postcard please)

*This is a triumph. I'm making a note here: Huge Success!.... **

**You got that reference? You utter geek :p***

***Though not quite as geeky as if you spotted the other CG reference in this post...


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