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So, another Easter, another Strom, another Costume, another tent in a field... Let me tell you about it...

The Good

Blackberry and the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful amazing people at sanctuary - who I still need to thank more - for taking a soggy, bedraggled, overworked eidolon and filling it full of tea and food and giving it back-rubs until it was happy fun stabby eidolon again. 

Experimental Shamanism was a success!

Rumours of my explosion due to experimental shamanism were greatly exaggerated!

Raoul annoys me, Raoul flees my wrath outside the ghost fence where I can't get him, Raoul trips in mud. Earthquake approves.

Being hailed as the Eye of Coyote by a mildly jealous Blizzard, after being a very naughty girl this DT...

The Night of Martyrs - from an OC perspective, hearing Tiri's name read out gave me chills. 

New Sword and Main Gauche from Light Armouries - Soooooo pretty, plus now I'm finally fighting with the weapons I'm best with OC! Pity I did not get to stab enough...

Charging out of the gate on Friday ready to kill everything, in a nice early Non-Bottle 

My faithful getting blessed to high heaven - and getting to deliver at least one of those blessings myself. Which ended up being perfectly done, if not quite as I'd planned it... 

Rachida's new Look. Hell Yes! :D

Threatening to cut people for continually asking me to repeat the experimental shamanism. Being scary stabbity eidolon is fun, but sadly I seem to have become fluffier than an Earthquake eidolon really should be... This may have gone some way to rectifying the balance.

I looked Fucking awesome :D

Deep theological discussions with Thane, and their eventual result - "You were never really one of mine, but we could have made you great".

Fun with Vild - especially whilst attempting to convert impressionable Kitty to Jaguar.

"Warbird, can you come here a sec?"
"Why? What is it?"
"I don't know, I just got asked to find a competent Eidolon."

A very FOIP little meeting in the dark with a contact I didn't know, from an ally I'd never met face to face, about very secret information... made me feel like James Bond.

Being the Eidolon who Knows Everything - running around on the Sunday night, making sure everyone was kept informed.

Having Flambard and the White Jackets explained to me as this character, and thinking "Really? I don't remember us being like that!"

Finding out That true name, and spreading it like a Flembic Governess...

Watching undead and eidolons being fired from the trebuchet

Being eaten by a bug - best form of dispatch ever! If slightly tickly...

Dread lord Fucknose

Conversations in the Maelstrom - of fallen, wendigo, Ilini and the like

The Bad

Something in particular that nearly happened didn't come off in the end - for the best of reasons - but still a disappointment. 

Deity team being overworked and understaffed, meaning all but 2 of my imperatives were Vanilla ones. 

Fucking Rat Tribe and their Fucking Ghost fence! Treking from the arse end of the field to the Maelstrom tent back to the arse end of the field only to need discorporating again, because you wanted to pop out on the other side of the wall, and got "appear in the serpent shrine" not "appear in the tavern" because you've got the wrong mission... trust me, it gets old fast. 

Itchy wig is itchy. But compensated for by looking awesome. But caught on everything. And got wet. But looked awesome!

Couldn't go on the sortie due to bad ankle - yet again getting left behind when there is murdering to be done :p

Couldn't nail anything on Blind Harvey in the end... curses! 

The Ugly

Fucking Cold - backs of hands are dry and chapped to high heaven. As is face. Whilst not as bad as Celestial Gala of the Snowstorm, the cold very definitely prevented a certain amount of roleplay and fun. 

Fucking Wet - everything is mud. All mud. All of it. 

Fucking Boots - ancient CCF things that I've had since I was 13 (so, that's about 12 years now, and all things considered that's a pretty good run) concertina-ing at the back, and digging into my ankle. About time for new boots, says I. 

Fucking sword baldric - in principle, really awesome, and will be really useful, but turned my right shoulder into one solid knot. 

In Conclusion 

Bit of a mixed bag of an event. Not helped by the weather. Seriously, seriously hoping the next one will be sunny. 
Special mention must go to all the people who made the event wonderful in all the places that it was - Blackberry and all at Sanctuary; the White Wolves - especially Thane; All the Earthquake faithful; All the eidolons - native and invader - for being awesome in my direction, and/or listening politely whilst I got all theological; everyone I tried to convert; Both of Bunni's characters for being funbugs; All at the daggers for giving me free drinks because my alter-ego works there... and I'm sure there's many more I've forgotten to mention.

So tired now!

And only 3 more left to go...  

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So Oddessy!
That was remarkably awesome - even if I can't walk much today... 

Up Carthage!

• The costume standards and the overall look of the event was fabulous. The levels of immersion in places like the arena were pretty good as well, partially because of said awesome costume, and the lack of needing to call damage.
• The absolute lack of faff. No long lines for character packs or ref questions – even the philosophy was perpetrated remarkably smoothly and quickly. Huzzah to all the refs/crew/god persons!
• The Aynukmelita! Absolutely awesome, all of you, but special mention to my fellow Physicians, and Zabi, bringer of good things.
• Speaking of which – the watermelon of hydration, baklava, shisha, Fangria/Sungria and other yummy things that were provided. It’s great being a Carthaginian!
• Even if everyone hates you. Being stretched so thinly, and suffering the Death of 1000 Cuts from the combined forces of Rome and Egypt, whilst IC was hell and bastardry, OOC meant we had plenty to do, and really upped the ante for the arena game, and the strategising.
• Even if the gods hate you – being their bitch does create a whole lot of plot.
• Hence the moment on the Quest of Epic Fail / the Quest of We’re Definitely Dead Now – thank you Eshmun... when I was mentally going through what I would have to say if we got horribly captured, and how I could weasel my way out of it...
• The moment after said quest, when I had a strop after losing a patient and got given a good talking to from about half of Carthage telling me to buck up.
• Being a physician is awesome. I really love the alternative ways of fixing people, rather than stitching them up. My alchemy set was great fun to play with!
• And I was a jammy, jammy git with bead draws. After treating most of Carthage (many of them multiple times!) only getting 2 red beads, and no black. I think I shall have to make it my mission to become known as the best healer in Carthage.
• The perpetration of Philosophy was actually great fun – I love the mixing of potions! Plus the moment when a ref pointed out that the marking on the back of some of my quint tokens actually meant that one was worth 5... So... much... quint! *evil laugh*
• Friday night’s blood-bath... and no I don’t mean in the arena, I mean being requested to deliver the Lioness’ baby. Also the desperate attempt to remain calm and not panic when informed that said child was unlikely to be quite normal...
• The cthulu-child phys-rep was amazing and awesome though!
• Aggressively bowing to the Egyptians
• Semi-naked Greek/Carthaginian wrestlers. And being requested to stop for the moment, please, because the Pharaoh’s appearing immediately behind you and it wouldn’t be appropriate...
• The Shah who wished to do 1000 impossible things – that is such an awesome concept, and I hope [ profile] dbsurfeit is having as much fun as he looks like he is!
• The massive battle between Greece and Persia over Babylon on the Sunday. That. Was. Epic!
• Overall, the cohesion of the event. It felt like a big game with 5 teams, and everyone was involved and doing things, and everyone working towards this one goal – that of bringing about their team’s victory. It was a really different feel to any other larp I’ve played, and that was great.

Down with Rome!

• The Rain and mud. Fuck you, Dagon, that stuff’s unpleasant.
• And then the Sun. Baal, you can die in a fire too.
(Come to Atlantis, they said, Lovely weather, they said...)
• Sunburn – on my face, which I should have been more careful about, and my scalp, which I don’t think there was much I could have done about – except for getting my hands on a headscarf sooner.
• Accidentally standing on a still-glowing cigarette end in bare feet... Though on the plus side, I did get an ice-pack from first aid, which was wonderful.
• Not having the full philosopher’s brief – and indeed not knowing it even existed before the Saturday night – which I assume must be due to late booking.


Jun. 7th, 2010 05:23 pm
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The Good:
  • Temperature-wise, I think I won :)
  • Havokstan are so much lovelier than the Huntress Church would have you believe
  • And the higher-ups actually talk to you there, as opposed to in Flambard.
  • The Bitter Moon Tea-House, and conversations with its staff.
  • The continued romantic exploits of the Crew
  • Finally being able to go to the Chamber of delights! Next time I may even get a massage.
  • Fortune telling :)
  • "Fortune" telling.
  • Glaive. Shiny shiny Glaive.
  • Also - Leather corset.
  • Finding out that my research has actual value, and that I will be sorted for the next year of downtimes, easily.
  • Removing Raoul's foot from his mouth, and knocking him on his ass.
  • On gate guard: "No, Raoul - that's Flip, he can go where he likes."
  • Thunder, Lighting, Undead attacking...
  • The Battleberg. Also "Mortalkai" and "Bromance".
  • The realisation of how much of a Kitty-Tank I am, in that my potential hit points go into double figures surprisingly easily.
  • "We both have Eidolons that like us. And they're not even ones of our god! Is this a good thing, or a bad one?"
The Bad
  • Taking down the Tent in the wet
  • The fact that I was still hot, and I wasn't even wearing proper clothes
  • Snaz. Everywhere.
  • If I am to properly phys-rep the Kitty-Tank I will have to get a lot more exercise.
  • Mine poor feets :(
Other things that I am too tired to think of :)
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Oh my God, that was AWESOME.


I’ve just got back from Knifewinter, and that was, and I have to say this, THE best time I have ever had at an event Larp EVER.  And not an inappropriate lol-furry in sight. Major Kudos have to go to the ref team for running such a great show (I wouldn’t have noticed that they were first-time refs if they hadn’t said, it was so well run) and for being awesome and confident enough to say “Yeah, that sounds cool – let’s run with that!”, and the Crew, especially the Knife Dancers – you guys rocked.

I also have to say, it was really refreshing not playing another political character. Nor a trader or crafter or anyone with anything to worry about much. Which meant I could just hang out and be all mystical, then get into fights, which was a really nice change. I really felt happy to throw myself into this one, and I also didn’t find myself knackered on the Saturday and dying for time-out, so that’s another plus. It was a really well-paced event overall, I feel, and I’m already looking forward to what they come up with for event 2!

The Highs:

·         Drumming Bunny, leading to Stoaty Drumming and the invention of Stoatish Tribal Stomp-Dancing. Hammering on a table has never been so fun.

·         “Cultural Misunderstanding” and the “metaphysical stick” becoming part of the lexicon

·         Our adopted hedgehog :) - I have a feeling that this DT is going to be very much like a wild-woods version of the film Almost Famous for her...

·         Stoaty Drinking Game!

·         My runes – which I’d thought would just be fun fluff – turning into a bit of very cool crunch, and some great role-play. All thanks to the super-cool refs :)

·         The level of acceptance from the rest of the PCs – I was totally expecting we’d all get ganked on the Friday night, but by Saturday night, not only were we not all dead, but I think I actually heard someone talking about “our” stoats (as opposed to the KDs)...

·         ... mostly because of how we put our lives on the line, and all got the shit kicked out of us by foxes. Which I have to say was good fun, despite getting dumped on my arse in the muddiest part of the field PDQ, – the first night combat that hasn’t had me scared shitless, and I think the first time I’ve been actively in a proper melee. Plus the Volkoi chalked up one (and a half, according to Kostya) fox kill.

·         Good food, and plenty of it.

·         Finding a rabbit playing scrabble with a set of runes.

·         Stealing people’s hats, then selling them back to them.

·         Mislav breaking the car.

·         “Crunchy Bones” and “Snacky meat” – the stoats just have some awesome props.

·         The number of people who came up to us ooc saying “If my character dies, I’m coming back as a stoat” or even better, “if my character dies, can I come back as a Volkoi?”* We’re obviously doing something right :)


The Lows:

·         Not getting to use the Totem, or have the promised Stoat party round the fire-pit because of the weather.

·         The rain in general was a pain.

·         Boots rubbing :(

·         Being very cold on Friday night, and consequently not sleeping well – next time I will be booking uber early in order to try and get a bunk. Big thank-you to the refs/crew people who let me use one of the spares on Saturday night – slept sooo much better and avoided my back seizing up.

·         Gregor running off on his own a little too much for the tribe’s comfort... Something tells me we’re all going to take a little bit of time to settle into our respective roles.

·         Discovering foxes were rather harder than we thought.

·         Getting confused (names-wise) between Mislav and Metsuki, and ending up with strange combinations and variations in my head, like "Matislav"

·         Not used to wearing a mask.

·         We didn’t get to kill and eat anyone :( Ah well, always next time! :)


*the answer is “yes”, but please talk to us before you create your concept


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