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While I was in the area, I decided to visit Hoth. Here are my "holiday snaps", for consideration in the Exploration 3 challenge.

Here's me, having just arrived on Hoth. It was a bit on the chilly side, so in addition to my Cheddar Monk robes, I decided to purchase a scarf.

Much better.

First I tried to get a few shots of the local wildlife, but I was told by my tour guide that I wasn't allowed to go looking for a Wampa, as it was the breeding season and they can get a little aggressive.

This is probably the best shot I could get of a Tauntaun - it wouldn't keep still and tried to eat the camera, so I thought it best to leave it at that.

I came across a bunch of Native Hothians (or possibly other tourists, I can't remember...) who had constructed either some native totems or some sort of rudimentary sculpture.

Here are some closer shots of the totems...

Then the Hothian Tourists began a primitive ritual which involved hurling balls of snow at one another.

I, of course, decided to join in.

After a while, I found it much easier using force manipulation to throw the balls of snow.

This did get me accused of cheating, however, and forced me to make a speedy exit.

But not before I made a snow-angel.

Photographs taken by myself, my loyal droid K35-T31, and my partner Darth Spurious
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Uugh! It took me aaages to get this damn thing sorted!
This is technically attempt 6. Facebook thought I was infringing copyright the first time, which confused the heck out of me as to why (I don't think I'm infringing anyone's copyright with it...) , but I thought probably best to find an elsewhere to post, rather than try and argue.

Anyway, if you're interested;
a) The music is from Mozart's Requiem, namely it's part of the Dies Irae, and the rest of the piece is awesome enough that you should go listen to it. I sang in it once, may years ago, as a first Soprano. It's vocal-chord-breakingly hard, but really, really cool.
b) The incident described in the title crawl actually happened.
And when I say "actually happened" I mean, actually happened to the very first character in a tabletop RPG that I ever played in. Only she i) wasn't a jedi, but more of a Han-Solo type, ii) had a space-suit on already, iii) Didn't fire herself out, she was fired out accidentally by someone on the bridge, and most importantly iv) didn't realise she was climbing into a torpedo chute in the first place...
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Right; documentation of how I built my laser swords. Astro-mech K35-T31? You recording?

Ok, Stage 1: Assemble materials

Stage 2: Commence preliminary reading

... secondary reading...

... um, tertiary reading?...

[translation: Um, Mistress?]

[trans: Weren't you supposed to be building a sword?]

Right, yes, um... Just let me finish my tea...

Ok, Stage 3: Soak Crystal hilt pods in hot water to cleanse impurities...

Stage 4: meanwhile, apply thermal glaze to unobtanium blade...

Damn, damn... Best put in an adendum here K35; memo, do not forget to carefully apply clear fixative tape post application, or the bloody glaze will bleed all over your hands...

Uugh, best go wash this off before it stains.

Right, Stage 5: thoroughly dry crystal hilt-pod, and connect up all internal monofillament threads

Stage 6: Pierce unobtanium blade in appropriate positions, and run a green force-conducting thread through the holes

Now, this is where it gets tricky... Stage 7: insert blade into crystal pod, and wrap green force-thread around hilt, attaching same to monofilament connectors.

And cover with force-insulating tape to secure and prevent sparking.

Make sure connecting ends of force-thread are still accessible

Stage 8: Tightly wrap blue force-thread around the crystal hilt through appropriate groove...

... and attach at green connection.

Nearly there...

Stage 9: Repeat step 8 with white force-thread above the juncture, to secure, and attach to second green connecting thread.

And there we go! One finished laser sword!

[It's a bit ... small isn't it?]

Yes, perhaps you're right K35. Tell you what...

Right, now I have two!
Take some pics, K35!

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Right, just to check that this is working...

Astro Mech K35-T31? Is this recording?
I need to re-record my attempts at Force Jumping and Levitating a ball. You ready, K35?

K35? You appear to have fallen over...

That's better, now, take the picture?

Ok, now let's try a recording...


Best send this over to the Cheddar Monk Masters for approval...


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