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Ok, so it's been a really long time since I've done any LARP/RPG related posts, so in the light of last night, I bring to you a special table-top edition of this blog! 

So me and a few others have just started a system called Traveller. It's very rules light, and has probably the best character gen system I've seen for fluff fun. I can (and will) dissect the awesome for you if people want to hear about it, but not right now. It also has a lot of random event rolls, which can lead to hilarity...

The game Matt's running for us is based in a world not unlike the Firefly 'verse. And it seems we delight in making it more like it by the day. Yesterday we had an Epic Marathon session that took most of the day, and it was awesome. 

We started by taking our junkyard-fresh spaceship, The Wayfarer, on a mission to deliver medical supplies to a needy border planet, where we were attacked by bandits, and ploughed the ship into a sand dune. My fresh-faced and innocent medic persuaded the rest of the crew not to kill said bandits, and instead handed them into the local authorities, where, in an attempt to get out of trouble for using military-grade prototype lasers which we did not have a licence for, I may have accidentally* bribed the police to "take care of the problem" by "speeding through the legal process" and "making sure that they don't return to their banditiy ways"... 

On the way home (to "Ariel") we performed a dubiously legal salvage operation, and found four crates of highly radioactive... something. We did not open the crates to have a look, due to lack of rad-suits. We managed to get it through customs somehow, and sell it on to a research station, for a cool 8m. 

During the 3 weeks of downtime while we blew all the cash re-fitting the ship, I managed to stumble on a protest outside my hospital against high medical costs. I started by trying to persuade the protesters please not to throw fruit at the nurses who were only doing their job, and somehow ended up, with the Captain, on national TV, speaking out against the corruption of Big Pharma. I still am not sure how this happened, but it made sense at the time.
About a week later, we ended up at a big fancy party, where I kept being pestered about my interview, and said captain decided to duel a space marine over my honour... 

We then had to deal with a stowaway on board, who had escaped from a secure psychiatric facility, and while mostly harmless (and utterly hilarious), had snuck on board, destroyed our chef-droid and "disguised" himself as the chef by tying bits of the robot to himself with polymer thread from the cargo hold. We ended up sedating him, sticking him in a cryo-pod and calling the authorities. Though I think as a crew we have decided that if he follows us home again, we have to keep him

It's a fantastic game and really well run, though it needs a good GM who doesn't mind wading through a lot of randomised tables. I would highly recommend it. 

*No, really accidentally. As in I didn't even twig that what I said could have been taken to mean something else until afterwards...


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