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Ok, so I'm having a bit of a spring clean, and have various bits and pieces that I'm getting rid of. Perhaps you would like them instead?

As this is mostly a spring-cleaning initiative, I'm only wanting a pittance for most of these (plus postage), so make me an offer!

If of course, people decide to make me very shiny offers of monies, then I am thinking of using said monies to fund either getting Anticthon off the ground, or a filming project I have in mind by the name of Angel P.I. So if anyone specifically says "I will pay you lots of monies for this item, but only if you spend it on making Shiny Project come true," then that is what I will do! 

Please post here if you would like to reserve/buy an item - first come first served. You can also message me here, or via fb or email if you have my details.
I only post to the UK, most major forms of payment accepted.

Pics are Here: 

List of items Here:

Pair black goth/cyberpunk trousers, approx size 14, BNWT - Reserve price £25

Pair blue tie-dyed dungarees, size 14-16

Per Una black + grey striped jumper/ long top, size 16, BNWT

Black velvet, corset/bustier, small (size 8-10 maybe?). Slightly mucky but should clean up easily.

From Me To You bear pyjamas, ostensibly size 16 but slightly on the small side.

White tribal-patterned top, ¾ sleeves, should fit approx size 14.

Cream Top-Shop cardigan, size 12

Blue Top-Shop cardigan, size 14

Grey H&M cardigan, ¾ sleeves, size M – should fit approx size 12-14

Baby-blue M&S  ¾ sleeved top, size 10, but very stretchy.

M&S black leggings, size 16 long, BNWT

This is the first batch - there may be more; I tend to hoard a lot and it depends how much I eventually decide to part with. 
If no-one is interested, they'll be going to charity or on ebay, but friends get first refusal.
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